Tips on Hiring a Professional Cleaning Crew

tips on hiring a professional cleaning crew

Do your homework before hiring a cleaning company

Before you consider hiring a commercial cleaning company…

There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to hiring a professional cleaning company.  It may seem overwhelming if you have never gone through the process before.  Listed below are a few questions to make sure you ask a janitorial cleaning company before hiring:

1. Does the cleaning company have their own liability insurance?

2. What kind of reputation does the company have? Can they offer any reviews or testimonials from other clients?

3. How long has that company been in business?

4. What other kind of services do they offer? Is it just a janitorial cleaning company that only offers cleaning services?

5. Is it the same people each time that come out and clean?

6. How quick are they to resolve issues?

7. Do they supply their own equipment and products? Is there anything that you need to supply?

8. Is they company local or national? Big or small?

9. Do your personalities match? An open line of communication is critical to the success of a cleaning program

10. If green cleaning is a priority for you, inquire about their standards and cleaning practices. Are they a green cleaning company?

11. How does the company train the crew that will be cleaning your property?

12. Does the company have a performance or money back guarantee?

When you are inquiring about a company’s cleaning services, you want to keep the future in mind.  If they offer window cleaning, floor care services, construction clean up, etc. then you end up saving money in the long run because you only need to hire the  one company instead of having to hire an additional one or two or even three companies to fulfill your needs.

Just as there are things to remember to do when hiring a professional cleaning crew, there are also tings to keep in mind NOT to do.  One of the most important things not to do when hiring a crew is to accept a quote over the phone.  There is a slim chance the quote will be accurate, due to the fact the cleaning company has yet to see the actual area to be serviced.  It is important to have a cleaning company on-site to examine your cleaning environment before accepting any official quotes.

When the cleaning representatives come on-site, make sure the walk-thru is not rushed.  You need to make sure to include as many details as possible and to be very specific when it comes to your janitorial needs (it is always helpful to make a list before the initial walk-thru).

Rotunda Cleaning Company is available to answer any questions you may have.  Contact our commercial cleaning specialists today.

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